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Finishing up with a happy customer

Finishing up with a happy customer

Lakeland FL Bed Bug Removal

Sadly, there are bed bugs everywhere we go. Despite their cute name, bed bugs are some of the most annoying, troublesome pests that we have to deal with. Bed bugs can keep you up all night, and have you worried throughout the day.

Bed Bug Treatments

If you’ve noticed that there are bed bugs in your home, you are probably quite frustrated. We don’t blame you at all for that. The hard part about these bugs is that if you live in an attached building like a condo or an apartment, we will have to treat the entire thing, otherwise we can’t guarantee to remove anything. The fact of the matter is that bed bugs are smart. It oftentimes takes multiple treatments to keep them out of your home.

It is much more difficult if you live in a condo or townhome or apartment where we aren’t able to get into the neighbors properties. If your association isn’t ready to move forward on the issue, you might have to start pressing the issue a little more roughly.

Bed Bug Exterminator in Lakeland, Florida

Spraying for insects in hard to reach areas

Spraying for insects in hard to reach areas

Lakeland Pest Control Pros is a quality bed bug exterminator in the Lakeland, FL area.

We have heard some crazy stories about people who were so frustrated with their complex that they literally went into the office with bed bugs and dumped them on the desk of the guy who kept saying he would take care of the issue. Sadly, many apartment buildings and condo associations don’t have the budget or the money to treat the entire building for bed bugs. Also, many of the residences might not be up to the standard that would keep bed bugs out.

Preventing Bed Bugs

The last step in getting the bed bug issue to completely get away from your life is to simply prevent the issue from happening. Unfortunately, again, if you live in an attached building you should immediately give your association a call to let them know that there is an issue.

Temporarily, you should get in touch with Lakeland Pest Control Pros so we can assess the situation and at least get them out of your property. Although we can’t guarantee to completely prevent the issue by just treating your home, you will at least temporarily have some relief and be able to sleep at night knowing that you won’t be waking up with bugs crawling on you.

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